Smartizen is a child-led, science-driven training center dedicated to helping parents raise smarter children. Founded by Asian professionals trained in the UK and now based in Canada, our commitment to excellence extends into motherhood as we become right-brain education practitioners. We leverage science-based, research-proven parenting methods to nurture and educate our children. We want to multiply magics from this transformational methodology to more and more parents.


Parents trust our transformational program Why us?

Tailored Newcomer Programs: Our specialized sessions help children new to Canada adjust and thrive, ensuring them a seamless transition.

Customized Learning for Special Needs: We also focus on enhancing math and literacy skills especially for children with developmental delays through personalized attention and innovative techniques.

Innovative Training Methods

  • Our methods are grounded in cutting-edge brain development research help children learn and retain information effortlessly.

Comprehensive Growth: We offer a holistic programs under one roof, general knowledge, motor skills, memory, reading, foreign languages, STEM, and practical life skills.

A peek into our classes

Explore the vibrant and nurturing learning environments of our different programs. Each video offers a glimpse into the unique activities and teaching methods tailored to the developmental stages of your children.


Infants program The Explorers Course (6-24 months old)

Watch our youngest learners engage in sensory play activities designed to stimulate their senses and encourage early cognitive development. This video showcases how we create a safe and fun environment for infants and toddlers to explore and learn.


The Supertots Course Toddlers program (2-3 years old)

Dive into a session of creative play with building blocks, where our Supertots develop fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. See how our teachers guide and support children as they build and create.


The Analysts Course Preschoolers JK programs (4-6 years old)

Experience the excitement of our Analysts Course with engaging classroom games that promote teamwork, critical thinking, and physical activity. This video highlights how we prepare our older students for the challenges of school through playful yet educational activities.

Experts Opinions

  • Child-led play-based program

    “As a mother and a PhD candidate, I am truly amazed by the science-driven approach and engaging activities Smartizen team has designed to boost baby's development. I can see significant improvements in motor skills and cognitive abilities from weekly sessions. The instructors are caring and knowledgeable. The Smartizen team will make a wonderful experience for both our baby and us as parents.”

    Thu Le McLellan

    Educational Studies - PhD Candidate - University of Windsor

  • Transformational methodology

    "Smartizen's methodology is backed by the latest research in neuroscience. Their focus on early brain development and science-based learning techniques provides a robust foundation for children's cognitive and motor skills. This approach not only enhances immediate developmental milestones but also fosters long-term educational success."

    Dr. Jane Smith


  • Customized activities for individual kid

    "The personalized approach to learning not only addresses individual developmental needs but also fosters a positive learning environment crucial for early childhood education. This program is well-positioned to enhance children's overall developmental outcomes, preparing them for future success."

    Dr. Alison Gopnik

    Developmental Psychologist at SickKids


Dear Parent!

Being a mom or dad is a full-time job. Trying to raise an independent, self-confident, and creative human being while meeting all the daily duties is a challenge.

At Smartizen, we understand the everyday struggles you may encounter as parents. We recognize the importance of finding both time for yourself and providing the best environment for your children – starting from a very early age.

That is why we use innovative and proven educational methods when designing our programs. We believe in the power of hands-on learning and creative problem-solving to foster essential life skills. Our mission is to make these opportunities accessible to all families, helping every child unlock their full potential.

- From parent to parent -

Smartizen team.